Задание цитирую-Представь свою любимую суперзвезду. Опиши ее обычный день из жизни. Напиши сочинение на английском

Задание цитирую-

Представь свою любимую суперзвезду.Опиши ее обычный день из жизни.Напиши сочинение на английском


    Clips and Britney's songs those years took the first positions in the USA. In 2001 to the public there was the 3rd album - "In The Zone", from it the song "Toxic" became hit. With 2003 on 2007 Britney Spears had a big creative break in work. And in 2007 it let out the next album "Blackout", the new song "Gimme More" became a hit of this album.

    Further its popularity started increasing even more. Its most successful years in respect of creativity were from 2001 to 2003. In the same years the famous company PEPSI which has signed with it the contract for the considerable sum became interested in it.

    It began the career way already in 17 years. The song Baby One More Time it became its first hit there was the first new song. Then there was a release of its album Oops! … I Did It Again, this album took at once leading positions worldwide. Also it would be desirable to remind that all songs can be found in the section of a site of the Song.

  • Britney Spears biography is very interesting and from any point of view even is instructive. Britney Spears in the small city of Kentvud was born. Its family wasn't rich and far from star life so Britney punched the road to the glory world.